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As i discuss in previous post how we travel in time, after achieving a travelling speed equal to the speed of light.

So, if your journey start in 2013 it would have taken you only 5 year to travel to the year 2063, where as it would have taken all your friend 50 years. In a sense, this means you have been time travelling. This is way of going to the future at a rate faster than 1 hour per hour.

Time travel of a short also occurs for objects in gravitational fields. Einstein had another remarkable theory called General Relativity, which predicts that time passes more slowly for objects in gravitational fields (like here on earth) than for objects far from such fields. So there are all kind of space and time distortion near black holes, where the gravity can be very intense.                 In the past few years, some scientists have used those distortions in space-time to think of possible ways time machines could work. Some like the idea of "worm holes", which may be shortcuts through space-time. This and other ideas are wrongfully interesting, but we don't know at this point whether they are possible for real objects. Still the ideas are based on good , solid science. In all time traveler theories allowed by real science, there is no way a traveler can go back in time to before the time machine was built.


Time travel into the future is possible , but we would need to develop some very advance technology to do it. We could travel 10,000 years into the future and only one year during that journey. however, such a trip would consume an extraordinary amount of energy. Time tarvel to the past is more difficult. We do not understand the science as well .

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                                          Hello Friends!

Time travel is one of my favorite topics! I search some time travel articles and stories from various sources & posted them here. 
It is a fascinating concept to study and also interesting , everybody have a question in its mind that time travel is possible or not.

we all travel in time machine!

we all travel in time. During the last year, I've moved forward one year and so have you.Another way to say that is that we travel in time at the rate of 1 hour per hour.
But the question is, can we travel in time faster or slower than "1 hour per hour"? Or can we actually travel backward in time , going back , say 2 hours per hour , or 10 or 100 years per hour?
it is mind boggling  to think about time travel. What if you went back in time and prevented your father and mother from meeting? You would prevent yourself from ever having been born! But then if you gone back in time to prevent them from meeting.


The great 20th century scientist Albert Einstein developed a theory called Special relativity. The ideas of Special Relativity are very hard to imagine because they aren't about what we experience in everyday life , but scientists have confirmed them. this story says that space and time are really aspects of the same thing - space-time. There's a speed time limit of 300,000 kilometers per second (or 186,000 miles per second) for anything that travels through space time, and light always the speed limit through empty space.
Special Relativity also says that a surprising happens when you move through space-time, especially when your speed relative to other object is close to the speed of light. Time goes slower for you than for the people you left behind. You won't notice this effect until you return to those stationary people.
say you were 15 years old when you left Earth in a spacecraft travelling at about 99.5% of the speed of light (which is much faster than we can achieve now), and celebrated only five birthdays during your space voyage. when you get home at the age of 20 , you would find that all your classmates were 65 years old, retired , and enjoying their grandchildren!
Because time passed more slowly for you. you will have experienced only five years of life, while your classmates will have experienced a full 50 years.